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Recycling Information
City Utility Services - Recycling

ROLLINGWOOD RECYCLING VOLUMES FOR 2012-2013 -  Presented at the December 18, 2013 City Council Meeting. 


Recycling collection takes place one time per week on Thursday.   Blue Single Stream Recycling containers are provided by PROGRESSIVE WASTE SOLUTIONS  - 282-3508 

Rollingwood to Start Single Stream Recycling the week of March 18, 2013

What goes in the recycling bin?


Paper:  Newspaper and inserts, magazines, catalogs, junk mail and envelopes (No product samples; envelope labels and windowsa re OK), bocboard, thin cardboard like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, soda cartons, etc, holiday andd greeting cards, phone books, home office paper, sticky notes, manila envelopes and file folders and paper ream wrappers are OK, paper bags, except gift bags. 


Corrugated Cardboard:  corrugated cardboard is thick and has a wavy middle layer.  Movin and mailing boexes are usually made from corrugated cardboard. 


Metals:  Aluminum and metal cans such as soda cans, tin and steel cans, such as soup cans, tuna cans, empty aerosol cans, metal lides from glass jars. 


Glass:  Clear, green and amber glass.  Put the glass containers in your recycling cart with all your recyclables.  Ther is no neet to remove labels.  Metal lids from glass jars may also go in your recycling cart. 


Rigid plastics: # 1 through # 5 and #7  to Put in Your Recycle Bin -  Please check the recycling number on the item

  • Water, soda and juice bottles, milk jugs
  • Shampoo, conditioner & liquid soap bottles, detergent bottles
  • Bleach and all-purpose cleaner bottles
  • Margarine tubs, yogurt containers
  • Empty medicine bottles
  • Clean frozen food trays
  • Plastic lids from bottles
  • Plastic takeout containers, produce containers
  • Plastic disposable plates, cups and utensils (check for recycling number)

What cannot be recycled in your bin?


Plastic bags

Styrofoam® (cups, egg cartons, take-out containers)

Pizza boxes

Yard waste/leaves (set out for yard trimmings pick up)

Food waste

Garbage (you may be charged for extra garbage if you consistently put garbage in your recycling cart)

Helium tanks

Large metal items (steel cans, aerosol cans or metals that are gallon-sized or smaller are ok. Frying pans and large metal pipes are not ok)

Large plastic items (rigid plastics that are gallon-sized or smaller are ok)

Wire coat hangers (recycle at your local dry cleaners)


Motor Oil bottles

Useful recycling information:

  1. Rinse all goods.
  2. Remove all lids before placing in receptacle.
  3. Paper goods must be dry.

RECYCLING TIP for OTHER ITEMS  -  Items such as batteries, hazardous waste and light bulbs are just a few examples. To explore what other ways in which your family can recycle go to:  http://www.austinrecycles.com/

CARDBOARD RECYCLING NOW AVAILABLE FOR ROLLINGWOOD RESIDENTS! This recycling box for cardboard is set up behind the double closed doors at the end of aisle 9 at your neighborhood Randalls grocery store. Rollingwood customers can come in with their shopping cart and put their recycling items in the box without having to travel outside. For unusually large amount of cardboard materials, residents can drive to the back of the store to recycle. Hours at the back are from 7-12 pm. There are personnel at the back that can assist in directing citizens where the cardboard should be placed. LETS DO OUR BEST TO MAKE THIS A SUCCESS FOR BOTH ROLLINGWOOD AND RANDALLS!


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